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Parish Foundation

The Foundation was established to create a permanent endowment for receipt of permanent gifts to the Parish. All gifts given to the Foundation remain in a permanent fund, with only the interest spent for parish purposes.

The Foundation encourages all parishioners to remember St. Anthony Parish in their wills and bequests Gifts to the Foundation come in many forms (cash, insurance policies, stocks, real estate, etc.). Often gifts are made in memory or in honor of a deceased loved one. Gifts can be made as part of the general endowment or a restricted gift such as the “Elizabeth Vencil Chandler Scholarship Fund” which was established to provide tuition assistance for students from St. Anthony’s attending Dowling Catholic High School.

Parishioners are encouraged to join the St. Anthony Legacy Society, which has two categories of membership; annual or lifetime membership. As a member of the Society, you are acknowledged on a plaque permanently placed at the back of the Church and recognized at an annual Mass. Register today by sending the completed registration form to the Business Office. 

Please remember St. Anthony Parish Foundation when making memorial gifts and in your annual giving. Click here to make a donation today.

The Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the pastor and six members appointed by him to serve three-year, staggered terms. Solicitation of funds and expenditures must be approved by this board and may be allowed for two purposes: operational costs of the school not covered by tuition and needs of the parish physical plant.

Your Permanent Gift of Help and Support … Keeps on Giving!

Your gift to St. Anthony Parish Foundation is a permanent gift to the parish. This money or gift is a sign of your interest and love for what the parish means to you and your family. It is and will be your investment in the future of St. Anthony Catholic Church.
The St. Anthony Parish Foundation provides a special resource of money to help our parish meet special needs. Using only the investment income from bequests, gifts and donations, the foundation serves as a source of revenue for special needs and emergencies of our church and school.

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